Coffee, coffee, coffee!


Magic elixir, liquid breakfast, brain juice, life’s only true necessity, whatever you call it, we all know how important it is! Step outside, take a deep breath, and let the aroma of your local grind house lead you to the promised land.

Foodies Unite


From long time local fave Rosita’s, to newer spots like Shelter and Lunch Box Laboratory, there is no end to the variety of eats, treats, and choices to keep you well fed and satisfied. Living in a hip neighborhood like Green Lake means that you have a dozen fine and fun dining options right outside of the city, yet right at your fingertips.

Go Play!


Green Lake is literally steps from your front door with it’s famous loop, plenty of open space for you and your crew, basketball courts, boat rentals and oh so much more.

Hop to it


Bus lines galore, just minutes from the freeway entrance, plenty of bike lanes, and with the light rail being built just a short distance from where you call home, Maple Leaf Flats is ideally situated to give you easy access to whatever and however you choose to get yourself around.

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